Wigging Out: More Chemo, More Problems…


Rounds 2 and 3 were increasingly difficult. I had never felt so drained in my life. I didn’t experience too much nausea my first round, but I definitely had my fair share with the next two rounds.

In addition to being wiped out and nauseous, my taste buds were completely thrown off. I noticed certain foods had no taste.

My first round of chemo had done nothing in terms of preparing me for the rounds of treatment that followed. You know the nagging lump that sits in the back of your throat when you’re nauseous? Imagine feeling that all day.

After each round of treatment, I have to return to the Dr’s office to get my Neulasta shot. This shot is one of my least favorite parts of the process because it’s painful. It’s not your typical quick “pinch”. I have to take Claritin D prior to going in  to help ease the bone aches associated with the shot.

Out of all the side effects I had been warned about, the one that I dreaded the most was losing my hair.

My mom had suggested on several occasions that I go ahead and get my head shaved after my first treatment, but I just couldn’t.

Instead, I kept my wig cap on with my hair braided underneath. I was afraid to take my wig cap off. I didn’t want to see what was ( or wasn’t) underneath.

After my second treatment, I noticed all the hair that I had left out of my wig cap was thinning out.

Every time I thought I was ready to take my wig cap off,  my eyes would swell with tears as soon as I would begin lifting the cap and I would change my mind and throw my wig back on.

I knew eventually I would have to deal with my hair coming out. I was going to have to take the wig cap off. I just wasn’t ready…