Pink Tuesday


I can remember my first appointment and listening to the Dr’s treatment plan and thinking, wow this is going to take forever.

March 24th was here, my last round of chemo. I couldn’t believe it was finally here. My mom had suggested that we all wear pink in celebration of my final round.

I couldn’t help but cry while getting dressed and prepared for treatment that morning. It had been a long road. There had been so many days when I wondered how in the world I was going to endure another round of treatment.

I put on my pink blazer, put on my pink ribbon earrings and matching bracelet. I had never been this excited about chemo.

” This is it!” the receptionist said as I checked in for my appointment.

My mother, boyfriend, cousin Adonicca and close friend Rachelle all came to support me. Having such an amazing support system has been a tremendous help in going through this journey.

The 4 hours of treatment seemed to drag by. I didn’t mind because I knew that this would be my last time having chemo.

The doctor had discussed the possiblity of more chemo and even radiation once I had completed these 6 rounds, but I had already made up in my mind that THIS was it!

However, I knew this last round wasn’t the final step in my treatment. Over the course of my treatment, my doctor had informed me that once I finished chemo I would be going in for a double mastectomy.

A double what? Had been my initial response, but I just wanted to do anything to be here. If being here meant chemo, losing my hair and losing my breasts, then I was prepared to say “goodbye to the girls.”

I knew surgery was coming, but on this day I just wanted to celebrate being done with chemotherapy. All the aching, the nausea, not tasting my food, feeling worn out, losing my hair and my nails turning black..the list goes on!

I had made it! God had brought me through it. I felt like I discovered a new side effect after every round and each seemed tougher than the previous, but this was IT!

3.24.15 Pink Tuesday



  1. Demetries says:

    yeeeaaaaaa you kick Cancers B-U-T-T!!! Two piece and a biscuit! Mayweather that fool! Lol

    You are More Than a Conquer! If God be for you Who, what, or it Can be be against you?!


  2. Rachelle says:

    On Tuesday’s we wear PINK!!!!

    *Waves* Hey Nurse Annie


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