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I am woman: redefining womanhood after breast cancer

My womanhood had nothing to do with the hair on my head. The removal of my breasts did not subtract from the sum of my womanhood. In fact, breast cancer taught me just how much of a woman I really am. READ MORE


055Cancer Ever AFTER

I always find myself trying to find the balance between not letting breast cancer define me but knowing the diagnosis has undeniably been a defining moment in my life. READ MORE



IMG_3823[1]What’s Going on With Mommy?

My boys were 9 and 2 at the time of my diagnosis. Thinking about the battle ahead scared me, but the thought of my children seeing me sick scared me even more. In their eyes, I was supermom.



I believe that we are all most effective in the areas that we have been the most affected. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, it was devastating. However, I’ve taken that pain and that experiencLM Feature: Monisha Parker | Lawyers Mutual

I believe that we are all most effective in the areas that we have been the most affected. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, it was devastating. However, I’ve taken that pain and that experience and I’ve used it to help others and to pursue my passion and walk in my purpose. READ MORE


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WRAL TV interview: Breast cancer patient, 28, looks to inform and inspire

Watch the full interview HERE




Brown Girl Table Talk Podcast

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IMG_4119“You’re so strong: ”: The Truth About Breast Cancer & Strength

You’re so strong. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words. How many times I’ve nodded, smiled and replied, “thank you,” (even when I didn’t feel that way). I’ve often taken those words as more of a challenge than a compliment. Those words often caused me to feel as though there were a standard and an expectation I had to live up to. I wanted to be as strong as everyone thought I was. READ MORE


211(Un)Pretty in Pink: The Truth About a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

October is the time of year when leaves begin to turn from lush green to hues of orange and red. It’s also the time of year when businesses “go pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a breast cancer survivor and someone who has watched both my mother and grandmother battle the disease, I find myself with mixed emotions when it comes to the flood of pink products and promotions that come along with the month. READ MORE 


033The Ones Who Stay

Despite what the statistics about breast cancer say when I first learned of my diagnosis—I felt alone. Although they were compassionate and concerned, none of my friends could relate. I was 28 years old with breast cancer. I felt like my world stopped and life for my friends went on. They were experiencing vacations and promotions, while I was sitting in a blue chemo recliner, preparing for a mastectomy. I didn’t understand how we had just been together laughing, discussing our plans and reminiscing on the good times and now—I was a cancer patient. READ MORE


IMG_2221The Other Side of The Process

The dictionary defines process as “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” Take a second and look around, everything you see is the result of a process. Now look in the mirror and think about the process you’ve gone through in order to arrive at this moment. Maybe you’re in the middle of your process right now. Take comfort in knowing that your process is part of a bigger plan. READ MORE


IMG_2221It’s GROW Time

I used to live in my comfort zone. I would shy away from opportunities that would potentially force me outside of the walls of my solace. It took a few hard lessons for me to realize that the call on my life would not be fulfilled from that place. As the quote says, “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.” My desire is to walk in purpose, flourish and become greater than my attachment to my comfort zone. READ MORE



I had the pleasure of speaking with Cory Smith of NBC Washington about the impact of the Hologic Super Bowl ad featuring Mary J Blige. It was great to share this platform with my fellow survivor and advocate sister Trish Michelle. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/health/mary-j-blige-super-bowl-ad-sends-powerful-message-about-cancer-screenings/2972556/