Rounds 4 and 5: …Because you don’t show up to a fight dressed like a loser


I thought chemo would get easier as I moved through my treatment. However, I was wrong. It seemed like each round made me feel worse. I was determined to stay encouraged and stay positive in spite of how I felt.

I walked into every Dr’s appointment dressed up. The receptionist joked that I was “the movie star.” People looked at me like I was crazy when I walked in the Dr’s office dressed up, heels and all just to sit and receive treatment for 4-5 hours.

When someone would ask, ” why are you so dressed up for chemo?”

My response: ” You don’t show up to a fight looking like a loser.”

I joked with the nurses about my “VIP Chemo suite” and my entourage. My faith was much greater than my fears and I saw no reason to walk in with my head down.

I will admit that I didn’t feel my best, but I always went into treatment with a great group surrounding me. My family and friends have been such an amazing support through out everything. I never sat through a round of chemo alone.

People would always look at me strange when I would check in for my appointments. Aside from being “over dressed” many thought I was “under-aged.” Every now and then someone would come up and ask how old I was.

I don’t remember seeing anyone my age receiving treatment, but I believe with all my heart that I inspired other patients in the way that I carried myself.

Of course there were many days that I was tired, frustrated and not feeling my best, but I kept a smile on my face. One thing that I’ve come to realize is someone is always watching and you can have such a huge impact on people just by being positive.

“I have breast cancer it doesn’t have me” I often remind myself.

It seemed like it took me a little longer to recover from rounds 4 and 5, but I was beyond excited that round 6 would be my LAST!